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Please note tha 2014 edition has been filled.

Reviews of the SABEC manuscripts will be considered for the post-2014 issue.

Abstract or Concept Paper Categories

The conference focuses broadly on improving education through stakeholder collaboration.

Individual abstracts or concept papers submitted for sessions should emphasize how they will make original contributions to any of the themes listed in the Conference Tracks . The conference welcomes abstracts or papers that are innovative and challenging in their approach, insights and recommendations and are specific, relevant and applied to the challenges in South Africa.

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Abstract Categories

We invite abstracts for research-based papers and presentations that:

We invite abstracts for practice-focused papers and presentations from the following categories:

For district officials, principals, teachers; We would like to hear about your projects and innovations within your schools and classrooms. Teachers - tell us about your novel ways of delivering maths or reading lessons or inspiring motivation amongst your learners. Principals - tell us about how you encourage teamwork and development amongst your staff, how you have implemented extra lesson programmes or encourage regular reading throughout your school. District officials - we want to hear about your successful teacher development or school partnership programmes, or any other good practices in your district. It is important that we learn from you, those building practical and concrete improvements in our schools and classrooms.

For further information or guidance on submitting your concept paper or abstract or to see examples of abstracts, please read the Guidelines for Abstract Submissions or call: Silondiwe Ngcongo on Tel 012 816 9039 or email

This is not a commercial conference


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